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At our very core, technologists simply love to solve very tough problems. There's no one more qualified and capable to solve our world's most critical challenges than Hillary Clinton. It goes beyond qualified. She's a fighter and passionate about the things that Americans hold most dear. Those are just some of the many reasons #ImWithHer and you should be too.

Leanne PittsfordFounder/CEO, Lesbians Who Tech

Hillary Clinton has run an outstanding campaign, rooted in issues and real solutions. For those of us who believe entrepreneurship and innovation are the essential bedrock of our economy, there is simply no other choice.

Eric RiesAuthor, The Lean Startup

Let's make sure we get the leader we deserve -- one who doesn't trade in fear and create division. Hillary will continue to move us forward and continue the focus on innovation and creating opportunity for all Americans. Anything else is a step backward.

Monique WoodardVenture Partner, 500 Startups

As a member of the millennial generation, I know just how important it is that we have a President who looks towards the future rather than the past. Hillary Clinton has both the experience and pragmatism to guide America down the right path for the 21st century.

Mack KolarichVP, Startup Angels

Hillary Clinton is exceptionally qualified with a lifetime of experience. She has earned the respect of the world, understands the critical need to combat climate change, and will work tirelessly to enable people to gain jobs, education and equality.

Louis GrayGoogler

Elections should be about public policy. Typically, conservative ideology vs. liberal ideology. However, this election has become a fight of Good vs. Evil. Truth vs. Falsehood. Justice vs. Injustice. The concept of a Trump presidency scares the hell out of me. Hillary, you're our only hope.

Rich ForemanCEO/Co-Founder of Apptology

“A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.”