Nerdz Council

The Nerdz Council is an organized body of Nerdz, serving as an administrative body that is seeking a resolution to end the potential of the Dark Force (Donald Trump) becoming the ruling power.

Dave McClure
Founding Partner, 500 Startups
I’m a geek, investor, former coder & entrepreneur, occasional blogger and internet marketing nerd. I’ve lived in Silicon Valley for over 25 years and I’m passionate about startups & entrepreneurship. I’ve invested in hundreds of companies all over the world. I’m the founding partner of 500 Startups, a global venture capital firm with ~$250M under management. We have invested in over 1,500 companies across 50+ countries including: Credit Karma, Grab, Twilio (NYSE:TWLO), SendGrid, Udemy, Ipsy, TalkDesk, Intercom, MakerBot (acq SSYS for $400M), Wildfire Interactive (acq GOOG for $350M), and Viki (acq Rakuten for $200M).

Leslie Jump
Founder & CEO, Startup Angels
Twenty-five years experience building, advising and investing in new companies, products and brands, inthe US and across the globe. Expertise includes strategic and business planning and development,customer acquisition and retention programs, brand building and product positioning, and consumertargeting and segmentation (CRM). Track record of meeting or beating sales and revenue goals whilesimultaneously managing program ROI/efficiencies. Launched dozens of products and companies inbusinesses as diverse as telecommunications, eCommerce, consumer packaged goods, filmedentertainment, financial services and social media. Held executive roles at Fortune 500 and emerginggrowth companies as well as leading nonprofit organizations, with operational responsibilities in diversemarkets worldwide. After two-plus decades of work with technology entrepreneurs and investors, has akeen understanding of what it takes to transform a great idea into a successful enterprise.
Monique Woodard
Venture Partner, 500 Startups
Monique is a Venture Partner at 500 Startups investing in black and Latino entrepreneurs. She is the co-founder of Black Founders — a national community of entrepreneurs whose mission is to increase the number of successful black entrepreneurs in tech. Previously, she was one of the first Innovation Fellows for the City of San Francisco and has helped cities use technology to innovate workforce and other civic services. She has more than 15 years of entrepreneur and operating experience in consumer, e-commerce, and civic tech. She likes art, fashion, and fly things.
BulBul Gupta
Social Innovation Advisor
Bulbul is a Social Innovation Advisor with 16 years of experience supporting growth-oriented enterprises with strategy advisory, public-private partnerships, and innovative finance. She is the former Head of Market-Based Approaches for the Clinton Global Initiative, where she worked with Fortune 500, Global 3000 corporations, BCorps, investors, non-profits, and governments on blended/impact investing, sustainable supply chains, and social entrepreneurship. Previously, Bulbul has worked at The Asia Foundation, The Packard Foundation, USAID, Capitol Hill in D.C. Her consulting roles include Mission Measurement, Medora Ventures, Greyston Bakery (a B Corporation), Instiglio Social Finance, and Boundless Impact Investing. Bulbul serves as Board Chair of Upaya Social Ventures, and on the Advisory Councils of the UNGC Global Sourcing Council, Cornerstone Capital, Open Road Alliance, and select accelerators/incubators on blended capital strategies, including Unreasonable Institute’s NY launch, Village Capital’s NY FinTech, Echoing Green, and the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016. She is a Visiting Lecturer in NYU’s Social Innovation curriculum on Social Impact Investing and Financial Management of Social Enterprises. Bulbul has a B.A. in International Affairs from George Washington University, and a Master of Public Policy from the University of Michigan.
T Sripunvoraskul
Designer, 500 Startups
T Sripunvoraskul is the designer on the Events team for 500 Startups. 5 years experience in design, ui+ux, and marketing. Prior to joining 500, they focused on user experience designing mobile apps and software for Microsoft and startups. They’re involved with LGBTQ initiatives, the Lesbians Who Tech community, and Designers Guild for Justice. Graduated from the University of Tennessee–Knoxville in Graphic Design.

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