Edge computing will enable all the smart networks. As a result, the linked devices will do the needed analytics at the very place and utilize the consequence to carry out a certain action. Where cloud computing takes a few hundred milliseconds to do a task, this edge computing will take just a few milliseconds. Microsoft has made Azure IoT Edge and AWS Greengrass was launched by Amazon just few days back. Besides that, many startups like Vapor IO are trying to take cloud computing to the end.

Though Our Privacy Is Not Secure But There Is A Solution

All the latest technologies, companies use huge amount of data and it can be said that these data are not protected thoroughly. Many well known companies like Verizon, Uber, even the newest safety feature of Apple, Face ID are hacked in the recent past. Luckily, there is a way out. Along with Blockchain, a number of startups are building an innovative technology, named as ZKP or Zero Knowledge Proof. It is a technique utilized in cryptography for showing rights of particular information but it doesn’t reveal the main facts of that information. It makes the process of verification so much better that you can establish that your given statement is accurate. For that, you don’t need to reveal any information to the other party.

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