Technology – a term that is mingled with us. People can’t do anything without technology. Every year there are some changes in technology as well as other related things. The developments in technology are enhancing at rapid speed and you must know that we are on the verge of 4th Industrial Revolution. The year 2018 is known as the Year of Transition because we have not completely entered the Revolution. Thus, you must know about the top 4 tech trends that will rule this year. These trends will transform the way companies work and we live.

Artificial Intelligence will not need human data anymore

In the previous year, people have already seen the beginning of AI. This year, people are expected to see much more improvement in Artificial Intelligence. As the AI arms race is increasing, a number of organizations as well as the governments are spending money so as to make the AI smarter than before. The amalgamation of an Artificial Intelligence arms race and improvements where the AI can be trained with no human data will most probably be a huge step this year.

Blockchain Will Become more mature

This year, a lot of companies as well as consumers will make use of the Blockchain applications in reality without knowing that they are using this technology. In other words, it can be said the people use Facebook or Amazon on regular basis but do they know how these work? Of course not! Similarly the impact of the Blockchain technology on different companies is important.

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